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LFM Defense was founded with the concrete belief that criminal defense attorneys could be tenacious litigators and still care about clients and their problems.

A Collaborative Approach To Representing Clients

Every criminal charge that our clients face is important to defend no matter what the charge is. Even a petty misdemeanor conviction can have a long-lasting effect on your reputation, your relationships and your future job opportunities.

If we represent you in a case, we form a partnership. We work together, devising legal strategies and brainstorming ways to resolve your legal issues. It is our belief that your involvement in your own defense is critical to getting positive results. Your future is at stake and we pledge to do everything we can to help control your fate.

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Aggressive Denver Criminal Defense Attorneys Who Get Results

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Domestic Violence

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Attorneys Who Aren’t Afraid To Go To Trial

At LFM Defense, we are truly trial attorneys. A lot of other criminal law attorneys in Denver focus their energy on plea bargaining and use trial as a sort of last resort. We take cases to trial regularly and have tried every type of criminal case in every metro jurisdiction in Colorado. This includes federal homicide cases and every type of felony and misdemeanor. After taking hundreds of cases to trial across the state, we have earned a reputation for aggressive advocacy that gets results.

Tenacious Advocates For People Facing Criminal Charges