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Outstanding Review for Rob Werking

She is a fighter and an angel.

I was stunned to find myself charged with domestic violence after an argument with my spouse. Four nights in jail, and not a clue on how to proceed. I had a strong referral from an attorney friend to talk to Lisa Moses, and what a good choice that was. I cannot say enough about Lisa and the help I received—absolutely 100% positive experience. She got working immediately, I was fine with her hourly rate, which seemed in the middle of what people were charging, and in very, very few hours I was approaching resolution. I was surprised how quickly everything got done, and with so little pain.

Lisa has a way of making all the complicated criminal justice pieces simple, and she very quickly showed me the two best options. Zero pressure, just great advice.  I don't know quite how she pulled this off, but she arranged a plea that was way in my favor, and saved me so much time and trouble. Lisa knows you catch more flies with honey, and she has a great, warm, persuasive, confident, courteous demeanor when dealing with other legal professionals. They all seem to know her and enjoy when she joins the calls. But I think they made the deal because they knew she would destroy them in trial. She has a very tough side, very business-like and factual. I know we would have won in trial. She will care about you and your case. She brings a human side to the process. I would call her a friend. She is a fighter and an angel.

– A.S.

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