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Criminal defense is all the LFM Defense does. But criminal defense can cover many different areas.

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LFM Defense was founded with the concrete belief that criminal defense attorneys could be tenacious litigators and still care about clients and their problems.

Criminal Defense Specialties:

Criminal Appeals Defense Lawyers

While being convicted of a crime can be a significant setback in a person's defense case, it's important for these individuals to remember that:

  • A conviction is not necessarily permanent.
  • Appealing the conviction may be an option in some cases.
  • An experienced Colorado criminal appeals lawyer can help mount a successful appeal that may result in either a re-trial or the case being dismissed against the individual.

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Assault Defense Lawyers

The Denver Defense Lawyers at LFM Defense are experienced and aggressive in defending clients against Assault charges.

Assault, a violent crime, is defined by Colorado law as being any action in which a person intentionally or negligently injures or threatens to cause injury to another individual. While the severity of assault charges will depend on a number of factors – including whether a weapon was used and the nature of the alleged victim in the case, any assault charge is a serious matter that could land a person in jail or prison for months or years upon conviction.

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Burglary Theft and Grand Larceny Defense Lawyers

According to Colorado criminal law:

  • Burglary is the criminal act of breaking into a building, structure or locked container owned by another individual (or party) with the intent of committing another crime, whether that be theft or a violent crime, such as assault.
  • Theft is the criminal act of intentionally and permanently depriving another individual (or party) of money or valuables that are rightfully his. Theft may also be referred to as larceny and can be classified as petty theft or grand theft, depending on the value of goods allegedly stolen.

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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Domestic violence charges can arise out of unfortunate misunderstandings or even false allegations, leaving the accused facing an uphill battle as he attempts to defend himself. In fact, even if an alleged victim later recants, changes his or her story or does not want to press charges, the accused individual can still face a criminal case if prosecutors decide to move forward with it. What can be just as troubling is the fact that even being charged with domestic violence can damage a person's career, reputation and potentially even his family life. As a result, it's vital that individuals charged with domestic violence have the strongest possible defense in order to minimize their chances of conviction.

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Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers

Allegations of drug crimes are serious charges that can ultimately land an individual in prison, cost thousands of dollars and result in a permanent criminal record if the accused is ultimately convicted of these charges. Typically, the severity of drug crime charges and the resulting penalties upon conviction will depend on:

  • The amount and type(s) of drugs allegedly found.
  • Whether the drugs were allegedly transported across state lines or U.S. borders.
  • Whether other criminal charges, such as illegal weapons possession, are filed along with the drug charges.
  • Whether the individual has a criminal record.
  • Whether the individual was on probation or parole at the time of the drug arrest.

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Homicide and Murder Defense Lawyers

Homicide, also referred to as murder, is potentially the most serious charge that can be filed against a person. As such, the possible penalties upon conviction can include decades to life in prison (possibly without the possibility of parole) or, in the worst cases, the death penalty. Given all that is at stake when murder charges are filed against an individual, it's vital that the accused work with an experienced Colorado homicide defense lawyer to ensure that:

  • His rights are fully protected.
  • He has the strongest possible defense at every step of the legal process.
  • He has the best chances of getting the charges against him reduced or, when possible, dropped altogether.

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Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyers

Juvenile crime charges can have serious repercussions on a child's or teenager's future, particularly if a conviction results in a criminal record and mandatory time in a juvenile detention facility. What can be just as frightening and devastating can be the fact that a conviction of a juvenile crime can close off many other opportunities for young adults, such as eventually being able to get into college or secure loans for higher education.

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Probation and Parole Violations Defense Lawyers

Expungement is the legal process of getting one's criminal record officially sealed so that, in effect, that individual:

  • Does not have to disclose anything on the sealed record to anyone in the future
  • Can rest assured that any party who performs a background check on him in the future will not be able to see anything that has been expunged from his record.

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Expungement Defense Lawyers

Being accused of violating the terms of your probation or parole is a grave matter that will require the strongest possible defense to minimize the chances that the accused individual:

  • Is convicted of a probation or parole violation
  • Is immediately remanded to jail or prison to serve out the remainder of a suspended sentence
  • Will possibly face new criminal charges.

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Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers

Colorado Sexual Assault Defense Lawyers

Sexual assault is a felony crime that can land a person in prison for years and result in a lifelong criminal record, as well as a lifelong obligation to register as a Colorado sex offender, if the accused individual is ultimately convicted of this charge. While sexual assault charges are typically filed as a Class 4 felony crime, which can be punishable by up to 16 years in prison, the charges may be filed as a Class 3 felony crime, which can be punishable by up to 32 years in prison, if:

  • Physical force or violence was allegedly used in the commission of the sexual assault.
  • The alleged victim was threatened with serious injury and/or was kidnapped during the course of the alleged sexual assault.
  • The alleged victim was drugged during the course of the alleged sexual assault.

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Meet the Attorneys

Rob Werking


Rob Werking is a committed and experienced Denver based criminal attorney with over twenty (20) years of trial work. Mr. Rob Werking has tried hundreds of cases in the state district courts, county courts, and all municipal courts.

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Lisa Fine Moses


Lisa Fine Moses has dedicated her career to aggressively and passionately representing those facing criminal charges. She started her legal career as a Colorado State Public Defender and then continued her work in criminal defense in private practice.

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Todd Heideman


Todd is a former amateur boxer, and lifelong martial arts practitioner, who brings that same sense of energy, hard work, focus, toughness and discipline to the courtroom. He fights hard – for our clients, for what is right, for exceptional outcomes.

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  • Outstanding Review Rob Werking, Lisa Moses and LFM Defense

    LFM Defence,Can't say enough about these guy's. Rob and Lisa are on a whole diffrent level when you put you or a loved one in their hands. They take off right from the start, keep you informed every step of the way and will get the best result possible for your situation. They have a team in thei... Read On

  • Another Outstanding Review for Rob Werking

    I was fighting for my life in court in 2016 with half a million dollar bail and Rob came in the court room blazing and saved my life. He was rehearsing verses from his law book like a preacher In a packed church. It was truly something out of a movie ...Robs skills in court are unmatched. He show... Read On

  • Words cant express!

    Rob and Lisa Are absolutely remarkable I was facing a DUI and wreckless driving. Rob did all the work while I was laid up in the hospital for 6months due to me breaking my neck. They fought for me and the outcome was better then what we could have expected. I was in absolute awe. Thank you again ... Read On

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