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Outstanding Review for Rob Werking

N.A. Recommends Lisa Fine Moses

I have been home for a few days now and wanted to take the time to properly thank you and your team.  As you know, I am very unfamiliar with the criminal legal process, but you made it as comforting as possible.  I really appreciated your honesty, sense of humor, and confidence throughout this trying ordeal.  You made me feel like less of a criminal and more of an individual that just made poor choices - and I appreciate that immensely.  I was particularly impressed with your demeanor and professionalism when addressing the court and dealing with, in my opinion, a somewhat inept prosecutor.

I don't think that my situation would have turned out as beneficial for me without the earnest effort your team put forth.  For this, I am forever grateful.  I am settling back in to my life and cherishing every moment of it.  It is wonderful to be able to sleep in my own bed next to T, knowing that all of this is behind me.  Again, thank you.

– N.A.

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