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Probation and Parole Violations Defense Lawyers

Colorado Probation and Parole Violations Defense Lawyers

Being accused of violating the terms of your probation or parole is a grave matter that will require the strongest possible defense to minimize the chances that the accused individual:

  • Is convicted of a probation or parole violation
  • Is immediately remanded to jail or prison to serve out the remainder of a suspended sentence
  • Will possibly face new criminal charges.

When probation or parole violations charges are filed, the accused will face a hearing, during which:

  • A judge – not a jury of one's peers – will make the final decision in the case.
  • The prosecutor will only have to prove that it was more likely than not that the accused individual did, in fact, violate the terms of his probation or parole. In other words, standards of proof that are “beyond a reasonable doubt” are NOT needed in order to obtain a probation or parole violation conviction.
  • The accused individual will have the opportunity to defend himself against these allegations.

When Probation or Parole Violations Charges May Be Filed

Because both probation and parole are instituted as a way to keep a person out of jail or prison, both of these court-ordered supervised terms require that an individual comply with very specific rules in order to maintain his freedom and prove to the court that he deserves it. Any violation of these rules – whether perceived by a probation or parole officer or a police officer – can result in charges of probation or parole violations. Some specific examples of when probation or parole violations charges may be filed include when an individual is accused of:

  • Not showing up to an appointment with one's probation or parole officer
  • Not paying all court-ordered fines, completing community service requirements and/or enrolling in or completing court-ordered education or therapy courses
  • Failing to register as a sex offender (if the person was convicted of a sex crime)
  • Failing to submit to or pass a drug test
  • Being accused of any new crime while serving his probation or parole

LFM Defense: Colorado's Premier Probation and Parole Violations Defense Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been accused of any type of probation or parole violation, it will be critical that you have an experienced defense lawyer on your side in order to ensure the best possible outcome to your case. The skilled lawyers at LFM Defense focus exclusively on state and federal criminal defense, and we specialize in defending our clients against allegations of probation and parole violations. We strive to obtain the best possible resolutions for our clients' criminal cases using innovative as well as time-tested strategies. To do this, we rely on our thorough knowledge of the criminal justice system attained through more than three decades of combined criminal practice. We know the police, prosecutors and judges, and they know our reputation for excellence.

Our unflinching commitment to our clients, as well as our extensive legal knowledge and experience, allow us to consistently build our clients the strongest possible defense so they can resolve their cases as favorably and efficiently as possible. To learn more about your legal rights and receive professional advice regarding your case, let's talk about it by sending us a message at the bottom of the screen or call us at (720) 644-5342.

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