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Outstanding Review For Rob Werking

Robert is a great attorney! He is thoughtful and supportive and works very hard for your needs!  –Todd, Client.
Response from Rob Werking, “I was privileged to work on this client’s case.”

Outstanding Review Rob Werking, Lisa Moses And LFM Defense

LFM Defense,
Can’t say enough about these guys. Rob and Lisa are on a whole different level when you put you or a loved one in their hands. They take off right from the start, keep you informed every step of the way and will get the best result possible for your situation. They have a team in their office that work every aspect of your case and they see it through to the end.
If you are in need of the best DEFENSE, you need not look any further.

– Bob

Another Outstanding Review For Rob Werking

I was fighting for my life in court in 2016 with half a million dollar bail and Rob came in the court room blazing and saved my life. He was rehearsing verses from his law book like a preacher in a packed church. It was truly something out of a movie … Robs skills in court are unmatched. He showed no fear or signs of agreeing with a single word of the D.A. He was able to show the courts I was innocent and saved my life. I now work as a supervisor for a remodeling company and couldn’t have been possible without Rob he truly saved my life and I will forever be grateful.

– Elevated Minds

Words Can’t Express!

Rob and Lisa Are absolutely remarkable I was facing a DUI and wreckless driving. Rob did all the work while I was laid up in the hospital for 6months due to me breaking my neck. They fought for me and the outcome was better then what we could have expected. I was in absolute awe. Thank you again Rob and Lisa for everything you have done. I will highly recommend your services to anyone.

– Valerie Moore

Todd Heideman Goes “Above And Beyond”

I just want to say thank you for all the effort you have put into my case. You have gone above and beyond to prove my innocence as much as you possibly can. I really appreciate everything you have done in regards to getting the back story of that nightmare of a relationship. All the time you have spent on this case shows who are as a person and how serious you are about the title you hold. Most attorneys are just about the money even though I am not the one that hired you nor am I the one financially responsible for your services (but if I were trust and believe I would make sure I paid you appropriately for all your hard work).  I am just blessed that the state of Colorado provided me with an attorney, and I am truly grateful for how amazing my attorney is and the amazing job he is doing. So thank you Todd for everything you have done. It really means so much to me.  I can’t thank you enough. I wish I was able to write you a fat check just for gratuity. LOL I don’t think attorneys get gratuity but I would most definitely have to throw you something extra. Again, Thank You! Talk to you next week.

– TW

She Is A Fighter And An Angel.

I was stunned to find myself charged with domestic violence after an argument with my spouse. Four nights in jail, and not a clue on how to proceed. I had a strong referral from an attorney friend to talk to Lisa Moses, and what a good choice that was. I cannot say enough about Lisa and the help I received—absolutely 100% positive experience. She got working immediately, I was fine with her hourly rate, which seemed in the middle of what people were charging, and in very, very few hours I was approaching resolution. I was surprised how quickly everything got done, and with so little pain.

Lisa has a way of making all the complicated criminal justice pieces simple, and she very quickly showed me the two best options. Zero pressure, just great advice. I don’t know quite how she pulled this off, but she arranged a plea that was way in my favor, and saved me so much time and trouble. Lisa knows you catch more flies with honey, and she has a great, warm, persuasive, confident, courteous demeanor when dealing with other legal professionals. They all seem to know her and enjoy when she joins the calls. But I think they made the deal because they knew she would destroy them in trial. She has a very tough side, very business-like and factual. I know we would have won in trial. She will care about you and your case. She brings a human side to the process. I would call her a friend. She is a fighter and an angel.

– A.S.

Best Criminal Lawyers In Colorado

They are awesome! Both Rob and Lisa. They are the best criminal lawyers in Colorado, maybe in USA. Watching them during the trial was amazing – better than a movie! They are very smart, knowledgeable, thorough and stuff. This is what you want in a lawyer and they care. If you need a good lawyer don’t look any further. They are it!

– Sara