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Sexual Offenses

A person who pleads to a DJ on a felony sex offense does not ALWAYS have to participate in SOMB (Sex Offender Management Board) treatment, do polygraphs and have no contact with minors.  A Judge can override probation on specific terms and conditions. Recently, a...

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Jury Selection

Defense attorneys must be vigilant in seeing prosecutor misconduct, which happens too often.  Recently the Court of Appeals reversed two different cases based upon prosecutor misconduct. The Court of Appeals held that the prosecutors used "Stake-out questions" in jury...

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Pre Investigation Win

Rob Werking was able to head off sexual assault charges for two different young men in the past 2 months. One of the clients met a girl on-line.  The girl claimed to be 18 but in reality she was underage.  Another client had completely false allegations from...

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Another Great Review For Rob Werking

I would highly recommend and vouch for Robert Werking/ LFM Defense to anybody seeking representation. Rob is extremely professional, takes time to listen and treats you like a human instead of simply a cheque, which is truly what everyone is looking for these days...

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Possession of Weapon By a Previous Offender

The Colorado State Legislature has changed some of the laws around felons and guns.  HOWEVER, DO NOT FORGET THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S LAWS HAVE NOT CHANGED! Below is the new law 18-12-108. Possession of weapons by previous offenders. (1) A person commits the crime...

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Police Interrogation

If the police contact you, request an attorney and stick with that request.  The Colorado Supreme Court just ruled that when a suspect stated "Do I need my lawyer for this?" and the officer asked "clarifying questions"  that led to a suspect continuing to...

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