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Statutory Speedy Trial In The Age Of Covid

In May of 2020, our Supreme Court recognized that it does not have the authority to rewrite a statute with mandatory language; that power rests with the General Assembly – not the judiciary. Griswold v. Ferrigno Warren, 462 P.3d 1081 (Colo. 2020).   Although C.R.S. §...

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Lisa Moses Not Guilty Jefferson County

Following a long COVID delay, Lisa Fine Moses successfully defended her client charged with two counts of violation of protection order in Jefferson County.  The jury was out for less than an hour before finding the client not guilty. Violation of Protection...

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Ending An Interview With Law Enforcement

Denver Criminal Attorney Rob Werking reminds everyone that they have a United States and Colorado Constitutional right not to speak with law enforcement.  However, if you initially agree to speak with the police, you may terminate the interview or interrogation...

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Mandatory Sentencing In Felony Dui Cases

After August 11, 2017, all persons convicted of a felony DUI (Driving Under the Influence) will be sentenced to 90 to 180 days in jail prior to being placed on probation.  If an offender is sentenced to work release then the minimum jail sentence is 120 days. As noted...

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